Meet the temperature control experts

Meet the temperature control experts

For over a decade, pharmaceutical and bioscience professionals have trusted us to deliver temperature-sensitive goods on time and in temperature across the UK and Europe, by road. Whilst remaining an independently run company, we are now part of the broader PHSE group.

We specialise in protecting the bioscience and pharma cold chain with door-to-door temperature control (-30°c to +29°c), built on industry knowledge and technical innovation to ensure our shipments are trackable, safe and compliant.

Our people

Our long-serving team receive the industry training and support they need to help our clients to plan, implement and monitor effective temperature controlled logistics in Europe.

TEK Freight drivers take great pride in providing a friendly service and in-depth GDP compliance and ADR training ensures they are up-to-date on the latest industry regulations.

From customs clearance and route selection, to predicting delivery times and tracking progress – our customer support team can advise on key aspects of the bioscience and pharma cold chain.

Why choose TEK Freight?

  • A cost-effective, rapid alternative to air freight in Europe
  • Support with planning, implementing and monitoring
  • In-depth knowledge of industry regulations and compliance
  • Validated routes to ensure risks are mitigated
  • Innovative temperature control technology
  • Secure, door-to-door service in a dedicated vehicle
  • 24/7 temperature and location tracking
  • Rapid response customer support 365 days a year

+30 million miles covered and counting

+200 hours dedicated to driver training every year

100% of routes validated to ensure accuracy

24/7 customer support available 365 days a year

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Discover how we can help you to plan, implement and monitor an effective bioscience or pharma cold chain.