Below are some of the regular questions asked by our clients. If you have any specific questions, our customer service team will be happy to help.


What range of temperatures do you carry?

As specialists in biotech and pharma logistics, we offer accurate temperature control from -30°c to +29°c. Our vehicles are fitted with the latest technology, installed and maintained to support ISO 9001 compliance.

How can I access my temperature data?

Log on to our client portal to access real-time temperature data, via our satellite tracking technology at any time. We also have in-vehicle temperature printers, which produce a paper record of your data and delivery details.

Our customer service team are also happy to provide regular updates by phone or email on the status of your shipment – at pre-agreed intervals, to suit your requirements.

What is dual temperature control?

Using innovative design and the latest temperature control technology, we can accurately transport products at TWO different temperatures in ONE vehicle. For some clients, this offers a cost-efficient, eco-friendly way of transporting two different sensitive loads.

Keeping your materials safe

What is a validated route?

As specialists in biotech and pharma logistics, every route we take across Europe has been thoroughly validated. This validation process allows us to:

  • Select the most efficient, rapid routes
  • Provide you with an accurate delivery time
  • Smooth the customs clearance process in advance
  • Calibrate temperature technology for changing weather conditions
  • Prepare for any likely delays
  • Implement appropriate safety measures
What happens if a vehicle breaks down?

Firstly, we carefully maintain our fleet of vehicles, to minimise the likelihood of a break down. However, should a problem arise, we have Europe-wide, rapid-response breakdown cover for all vehicles and on-board refrigeration technology. This ensures that any challenges can be quickly mitigated.

How will you monitor that my shipment is on track?

The temperature and location of your materials will be tracked from collection to delivery. Our duty managers work 24/7 to ensure the safety and integrity of your product at all times.

How secure are your vehicles?

Each vehicle is fitted with secure Proplate locking and alarm systems. Our drivers also follow clear operating procedures to protect the safety of your products.

Achieving compliance

What quality systems do you have in place?

Our robust quality systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs) comply with good distribution practice (GDP) guidelines for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

Can you transport controlled drugs?

Yes, we transport controlled drugs in accordance with the latest MHRA guidelines for the UK and Europe. Their best practice guidelines shape every aspect of our service, to ensure we support your compliance.

How do you train your drivers?

We track and maintain every driver’s knowledge of the following key pharmaceutical and biotech regulations:

  • Good distribution practice (GDP) guidelines
  • ADR certification for handling dangerous goods

Regular courses ensure all drivers regularly update and refresh their knowledge. All our drivers hold Level B aviation security passes.

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